growth in interracial marriage, 1980 vs 2021

From Pew Resarch:

In 2020, 11% of all married couples in the U.S. were interracial or interethnic, according to Pew Research Center analysis. This is up from 3% in 1967 when the Supreme Court struck down bans on interracial marriage.

The most common interracial marriage pairing is one Hispanic and one white spouse at 42%. Census data collection changes between 2010 and 2020resulted in a tripling of persons who self-described a multi-racial, mainly involving this demographic.

Next is one white and one Asian spouse at 15%, then one white and one black spouse at 12%.

Interracial couples have increased across all education levels, but are most prevalent among couples where both partners have at least a bachelor’s degree.

Rates of interracial marriage vary widely by region. In Western states like Hawaii and Nevada, about 1 in 3 married couples are interracial. In Southern states, the rate is around 1 in 10.

About 20% of cohabiting couples were interracial in 2012. The interracial cohabitation rate has risen faster than the interracial marriage rate.

By 2050, Pew projects that 1 in 5 U.S. newlyweds will have a spouse of a different race or ethnicity. This indicates that interracial relationships will likely continue growing.

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