Foriegn born workers trends, 2010 – 2030

The growth rate of the foreign born employment has recovered from the pandemic and is about 3.5% annually vs. 0.6% annual growth for the U.S. born employment. The percentage of workers who are foreign born, based on these rates, is expected to grow from 16% in 2010 to 23% in 2030:

Why? First, the labor force participation rate of foreign born workers is higher at all levels of education:

Now, take into account not only first generation but second generation immigrants. Immigrants and their U.S. born children were responsible for 85% of the labor force growth between 2010 in 2018 at which point they comprised 28% of all workers [17% foreign born, 11% children of foreign born– PFR], up from 25% in 2010. And projection suggestions to 2035, all growth in the working age population will come from immigrant origin adults. (Go here.)

First and second generation workers are more concentrated in prime working age (25 – 54) – 70% vs. 62% for all other workers.




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