tiny shoots of immigration reform

This is way premature say that immigration reform will return as a front burner issue (last time was in 2017) but one should notice that Senate Republicans are proposing to match in increase in the Federal minimum wage with mandatory use of e-Verfiy.  (Go here).  The mandatory use of e-Verify is an essential element in immigration reform. Lobbies for both parties have resisted it – business and progressives


One thought on “tiny shoots of immigration reform”

  1. e-Verify has long been opposed by agricultural interests in the Western states – in conflict with ag interest in the Midwest and Eastern states. And the Western ag interests are predominantly Republican. Speaker McCarthy and other Western Republican and some Democratic congresspersons have long been supported by, and advocated for, Western ag interests. You will generally find them publicly silent on this. But outside of the public eye this has been a very contentious issue. The e-Verify issue is not nearly as clear cut as its advocates want us to believe.

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