Differences in population growth point to imbalances in workforces

The imbalances in population growth among countries can reflect recent emigration and current and future emigration. I’ve recently note the demand by advanced countries for more workers. The following population growth rates for 2022 paint a larger picture.

Extremes: In 2022, Ukraine lost 14% of its population.  In the same year, Niger’s population grew by 3.7%, the fastest of any nation.

The 2022 rates of growth (0.8% globally) increased inversely to the economic status of the country groups, with the EU countries at 0.2%, U.S. 0.4%, Latin America and the Caribbean 0.7%, Arab World 1.8%, and Sub-Saharan Africa 2.5%. Canada’s relatively growth rate in 2022 of 0.7% is directly attributable to its active acceptance of skilled immigrants.

These trends point to an ever-larger share of the globe’s young adult workers being located in poor countries, especially Sub-Saharan Africa.  Compare its 2022 growth rate of 2.5% with, say Bangladesh’s of 1.1%.

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