Challenges to the surge of immigrants

The Biden Administration’s system of admitting 30,000 persons a month through the parole system is being challenged by both Republicans and Democrats.

As of now, about 200,000 persons have been admitted from Haiti, Venezuela, Nicaragua. And Cuba. Texas and other states are suing to stop the program.

New York State, in particular New York City, has received in the past year some 100,000 persons who are either parole beneficiaries of asylum applicants.  Asylum applicants have to wait 150 before applying for a work permit. Parole beneficiaries do not have a formal waiting period, but still have to apply. (The “non-immigrant” work application form is I-765). Lack of work permits greatly complicates how governments manage influxes of migrants and impacts on the well being of the migrants themselves.

New York State Governor Hochul has been pressuring the Biden Administration to speed up work authorizations for asylum applicants and parolees.

Here is an article which describes the how New York City is struggling to respond to housing and other issues of the migration surge. Only a small share of recent arrivals have come by way of initiatives of the governors of Texas and Florida.


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