Asian restaurants in the US: how many?

A report by Statista estimates there were approximately 89,000 Chinese restaurants in the US as of 2019. This suggests Chinese cuisine accounts for around 8-9% of all US restaurants. The same report estimates there were around 22,000 Indian restaurants and 12,500 Thai restaurants in 2019. Add other Asian nationalities, and it appears that about 12-15% of all restaurants, or perhaps 150,000, in the U.S. are Asian.

Since a slim majority of Republicans think that immigration is bad for food, music and the arts, it seems like Democrats are taking much more advantage of this food diversity

Per Pew Research, Chinese restaurants are found in every state and in 70% of all U.S. counties. Every state and a third or more of all counties also have at least one Japanese (45%) or Thai (33%) restaurant.

Some 9% of Asian restaurants in the U.S. offer cuisines from multiple Asian origin groups. Nearly seven in every 10 of these establishments are combinations of Chinese or Japanese food, either with each other (36%) or with some other cuisine: 18% serve Chinese and Thai food, 15% serve Japanese and Thai food and 10% serve Japanese and Korean food. 78% of Pakistani restaurants in the U.S. also serve Indian food, but just 10% of Indian restaurants serve Pakistani food.

The popularity of Asian restaurants, in estimated order of numbers of them are: Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Indian, Vietnamese, Filipino, and Pakistani.

Here is a mouth-watering profile of Uyhgur restaurants in New York City.


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