Gallup poll many more people want immigration reduced

From a Gallup Poll conducted in January 2023:  The disparity between Republican and Democratic support of lower immigration was relatively tight between 2000 and 2011. In 2011, the disparity was 17%  (Reps 54% Dems 37%).  In early 2023, the disparity is 54% (Reps 71% Dems 19%).

However, Pew in 2018 reported from its poll that support for lower immigration had been  declining.  And in mid 2020 Gallup reported that “for the first time” Americans wanted more, not less, immigration.  Thus popular opinion is highly volatile, and any single poll appears to be heavily influenced by current factors including inter party dynamics.

Both party’s hostility to immigration surged since 2021, per Gallup:

The percentage of Republicans dissatisfied with immigration levels for being too high jumped from 40% in 2021 to 69% in 2022 and remains about the same today, at 71%. The percentage of Democrats dissatisfied and desiring less immigration was nearly nonexistent in 2021, at 2%, before rising to 11% last year and 19% now. Independents’ dissatisfaction and preference for less immigration has about doubled since 2021, rising from 19% at that time to 36% today.

Republicans’ displeasure with immigration for being too high is now the highest Gallup has recorded for that party. On the other hand, despite increasing in recent years, this viewpoint is less common today among independents and especially Democrats than it was in the post-9/11 years.

Disparity by age cohort is growing. The disparity by age cohort has grown fairly steadily since 2011.  54% of persons over age 55 want less immigration vs. 16% for persons 18 – 34; a disparity of 38%. In the past the disparity was more like 15%.

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