What Afghan refugee resettlement looks like in the United States

National Immigration Forum has collected over a 100 reports on resettlement of Afghans.  (This Sept 9 analysis says that 50,000 in total are expected, with most of them still on military bases outside the U.S. ) The Trump administration attempted to cripple this complex settlement network.

There are five of the reports collected:

The Islamic Society of Greater Oklahoma City is working with Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese Oklahoma City to prepare for hundreds of Afghan families arriving in the city.

Southern Colorado’s “KOAA News 5 is partnering with Lutheran Family Services Rocky Mountains and Vanguard Skin Specialists to fundraise for the [hundred plus] Afghan refugees who will be resettled in Colorado Springs by the end of the year.”

Afghan artists and women’s rights activists Zainab Ahmadi and Fawzia Abdaly joined Indianapolis artist Tiffany Black, along with almost 60 refugees, to create a mural honoring Afghan refugees’ journey to Indiana, which is now on display at the Indianapolis International Airport.

“Johnny,” a combat interpreter who helped American troops adapt to Afghan culture, has been resettled in Charlotte, N.C. — welcomed by Sen. Thom Tillis (R), among others.

With the help of the Utah Refugee Services Office, the International Rescue Committee and Catholic Community Services, “just over 900 Afghan refugees have moved to Utah – the largest refugee resettlement in state history.”

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