A profile of unauthorized women

A very large share of unauthorized women in the U.S. are for all practical purposes Americans. But the hourglass profile has become more prominent (large numbers high ed and without a high school diploma) contrasted with the typical U.S. born profile of a large middle bump (HS and some college).

The Center for Migration Studies has profiled data from the 2019 Survey on 4.8 million unauthorized women. 45% are from Mexico, 44% elsewhere in Latin America, and 11% from Asia. 41% have been here for at least 15 years or more.

What’s most interesting is that the formal educational level of these women has increased over time. I’ve posted on this often, for example here.

For these women to be granted legal status, 1.3 million (about a quarter) qualify under DACA (Dream Act). 95% have complete high school, 45% have completed some higher education, 44% have been here for at least 15 years, and 90% speak English well (or only English). 78% in 2019 were above poverty level (compared to 10% total population).

A hourglass profile is evident, likely become more prominent with an increase of unauthorized persons from Asia. More persons are with advanced education, while many still arrive with less than high school education. Among persons who arrived 2010- 2019, about 20% were without a high school degree while half had at least some higher education.

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