Can Biden walk the talk on refugee settlement?

The National Immigration Forum on May 6 wrote, Only 1,984 total refugees were resettled in April, a decrease from March as the system continues to flounder at Trump-like levels.

More than halfway through Fiscal Year 2022, we’ve only resettled 18,414 refugees total — nowhere near the refugee ceiling the administration set at 125,000.

After the administration committed to resettle 100,000 Ukrainians, the U.S. resettled just 125 in April and 12 in March. The good news: The Uniting for Ukraine program has had 14,500 applications in just 10 days.

As for Afghan refugees, there is a “small but very notable increase” in their resettlement this month.

To be blunt, the administration needs to walk the talk and accelerate these processes. They are saying the right thing, but painfully slow in terms of execution.

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