Number of Ukrainians in western democracies is soaring

In 2020, 44 million persons lived in Ukraine, while 3.3 million Ukrainians lived in Russia. The total number of Ukrainian-born persons in the world was around 50 million. The number of Ukrainians who lived in western democracies more than quintupled from 1990 to 2020 to over one million persons. It is expected that 4 million Ukrainians will be displaced internationally by the Russia – Ukrainian war, almost all to western democracies. Thus, by the end of this year, some 5 million-plus Ukrainians will live in western democracies, or 10% of all Ukrainians; about 4 million will live in Russia or other former Soviet states; and 40 million *(shrinkage of 10% in one year) will live in Ukraine.

Estimates derived from Our World in Data

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