How many refugees should we accept?

82 million refugees; 28 million internationally displaced, of which 8 million arising out of U.S. anti-terrorism wars. How many should we in the U.S aim to resettle on average every year?

A Congressional Democratic legislative proposal in 2019 called for at least 95,000 a year, roughly in line with the Obama years.

The first Biden statement on refugees in February 2021 didn’t put a figure. He was pressured to raise the FY2022 target from 16,000 to 65,000. (Here is how the refugee process works.)

Here is a proposal; At the beginning of each fiscal year, the U.S. should set an annual baseline refugee admissions level at 10% of UN High Commissioner on. Refugees’ (UNHCR) Refugees in Need of Resettlement (RINOR) projections for that year.

UNHCR’s Refugees in Need of Resettlement (RINOR) refers to the estimated population of forcibly displaced people who are most in need of permanent resettlement each year

The RINOR figure for 2022 is 1,473,000, up from the 800,000 or so level of the 2010s.

UNHCR began estimating RINOR in 2011, and it has refined and standardized its methodology for producing the estimate in the decade since. The agency’s 2022 projection combines a series of country-specific forecasts made by UNHCR Country Offices that utilize refugee registration data, World Food Programme databases, and standardized needs assessment surveys.

RINOR’s 2022 figure of 1,473,000 includes 418,000 cases, for an average of 3.5 persons per case. The leading state sources are (in descending order of numbers) Syria, Democratic Republic of Congo, South Sudan, Afghanistan, Eritrea, Sudan, Somalia, Central African Republic, Venezuela, and Iraq.

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