Canada increases even further employment-based immigration

Canada, which recently upped its immigration target, is doing it again. For 2024, it plans to accept 451,000 persons, 59% of whom are based on employment.

I posted here how Canada is focusing most of its immigration flow on the global middle class. In late 2021, Canada was expecting to host about 400,000 immigrants a year. Now the projection is about 450,000.

Of that 450,000 some 270,000 are to be employment based. Proportionate to population (Canada is 12% of the U.S), that would be 2.2 million employment based new immigrants a year. Bridging both our employment, family, and other immigration classes, I estimate that perhaps half of our immigrants, or 500,000 at the pre-pandemic level of one million, enter the workforce. Thus we would quadrupled our employment based immigration were the U.S. to adopt Canada’s strategy. Doing so would increase our workforce annually by around 1.5%.

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