Black immigrants in U.S. now 10% of all Blacks 2 28 22

The immigrant Black population has grown since 1980 at a compound growth rate of 4.5% per year compared to the total Black population’s growth of 1.4% Their numbers were tiny in 1980 – 0.8 million. Now they are 4.6 million, 10% of all black people in the U.S.

While the source countries with the largest Black populations in the U.S. are in the Caribbean (Haiti and Jamaica), growth in the past ten years has been highest for Africans. 43% of African immigrants have arrived after 2009.

According to Pew Research, In 2000, roughly 560,000 African-born Black immigrants lived in the U.S. By 2019, that number had more than tripled to over 1.9 million, a growth rate of 14% per year.

About a third of recent refugees are from Africa (mainly Democratic Republic of Congo and Somalia.(Go here.)

I have posted in the past about the very high educational status of Nigerians, and African immigrants as a whole.

Mostly from Pew Research

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