Where Dem politics collides with Hispanic voters

Ronald Brownstein in The Atlantic notes greater Dem dependence on non-white voters (“Since the mid-’90s, white Americans without a college degree have fallen fr om about three-fifths of all voters to about two-fifth…. voters of color have nearly doubled, to about 30 percent of the total vote”). Hence the importance of the Hispanic vote, which is increasing by 3% a year).

(1) immigration enforcement at the border. Hispanic voters near the border. See the time lines for Stay in Mexico and Title 42 – Biden continuing Trump policies. 

(2) Most important and under-appreciated by Dems, in my mind, are Hispanic gains in economics, middle class (such as educational improvement and  home buying) Brownstein quotes political analysts, “…lots of working people of all races … want opportunity … They want a way to get ahead of their own effort.” “There are things that people trust Republicans on and you have to neutralize those disadvantages by moving to the center on them, and that includes the size of government, that includes the deficit.”

(3) Hispanic indifference to some specific progressive culture ideas (such as use of the word Latinx (so note here).

One issue Brownstein does not mention as troubling to Hispanic voters is legalization of unauthorized persons. Half of Hispanics know a family member or close friend illegally in the country.

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