Study recommends more immigrants

Pro immigration ideas are centering in an increase in immigration by about a third from the pre Trump / pre pandemic levels.

The National Immigration Forum recommended earlier this year an increase in immigration: “We project that a 37% increase in net immigration levels over those projected for fiscal year 2020 (approximately 370,000 additional immigrants a year) will help prevent the US from falling into demographic deficit and socioeconomic decline.”

The ratio of retirees to active workers (the old age dependency ratio) is rapidly increasing. “In 2020 the Census Bureau produced a report that included four alternative migration scenarios and modeled their impact. This scenarios included (1) zero immigration in till 2060, (2) a 50% decrease in immigration, (3) static immigration levels, and (4) a 50% increase.” The report confirmed that increased migration will decrease the dependency ratio of retirees to active workers.

I posted an analysis of the Biden immigration bill estimating that it will increase immigration by 28%.

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