Foreignness/strangeness perceptions about non-whites is high in U.S.

Persons classified by race/ethnicity were surveyed if they experienced three encounters with others that indicate sense of foreignness, strangeness, and danger. Bottom line: non-whites are often put into a foreignness/strangeness state of limbo.

Examples of how to read the table: 41% of Asians experienced an incident in which another person thought they did not speak English. Among whites, 7% experienced being thought of as foreign, compared to 57% of Hispanics.

  1. People asked where you are from, assuming you’re not from the U.S.
  2. People acted as if you don’t speak English
  3. People acted as if they are afraid of you

Methodology: SurveyMonkey conducted the poll online from March 18-26, 2021 with 16,336 adult U.S. residents. Survey conducted in English, suggesting that the results would be worse if persons who could respond in other languages were used.

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