The higher educated immigrant

Since 1990, foreign-born persons accounted for upwards of 25% of the net increase (additions minus retirements) of college educated persons in the workforce. This is despite foreign born persons being only about 14% of the entire population and 17% of the workforce in 2018.

This means that computer scientists, doctors, business executives, etc. from India, China, Philippines, Mexico, etc. (The leading sources of college grads) filled one of every four openings for college grads since 2000.

The entire labor force became more highly educated. The share of the labor force with at least a college degree went from 23% in 1990, to 27% in 2000, to 37% in 2018.

But immigrants are even more educated. College educated foreign-born accounted for half of the gain in foreign persons in the U.S. between 2000 and 2018.

A quarter of college educated foreign born persons are in either computing or healthcare. Half of are Asian origin. A quarter live in California. NY, FL and TX combined account for another 30%.
from Migration Policy Institute

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