The Michigan Compact


State and local chambers of commerce in Michigan issued a Michigan Compact on February 27, 2020, relating to the 700,000 foreign born persons in the state.

“As signers of the Michigan Compact on Immigration, we are committed to promoting common-sense immigration reforms that will strengthen our economy, as well as attract talent and business to our state. Talent is the number one challenge facing Michigan employers and we recognize the critical role national immigration policy will play in driving continued economic growth.

We support bipartisan immigration policy reforms that ensure the federal system meets the needs of our employers and labor market, while providing a permanent solution for undocumented residents who make significant contributions to our state and nation’s economy and enforcing our nation’s laws.

Michigan’s immigration policies must reflect and affirm our goal to be the most welcoming, hospitable, and business-friendly state in the nation. Immigration has played a critical role in our history and is fundamental to future growth and prosperity.”

Michigan immigration facts:

3.8% of population were foreign born in. 1990; 7.1% in 2017.

In 2017, among foreign born 53% were white, 31% Asian, 16% Latino. There were more from India than from Mexico/Central America. Also many from “other western Asia” (mainly Iraq). Half of foreign born have been naturalized. Unauthorized population estimated at 110,000, or about 30% of total non-citizen foreign-born (about 350,000).

Data from here. Unauthorized population from here.

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