Rick Wilson on immigration in the 2020 Presidential campaign

Rick Wilson is a Republican electoral operative and author of the recently published Running Against the Devil, about how Democrats can beat Trump in November. He previously wrote Everything Trump Touches Dies. Here per Wilson is how Dems should respond to Trump on immigration (pp 240-241, Running Against the Devil):

What Trump will say: “Democrats are for completely open borders. Immigrants bring crime violence and disease. Immigrants will get free healthcare from you, the taxpayer. Immigrants are taking away your job and only the Wall will stop it.”

How Democrats should respond: “President Trump puts children in filthy cages without blankets, adequate food and water. or medical attention. His policies are killing people who want to come to America to seek asylum or legal status. America is a better country than this and we have always welcomed in immigrants to our shore. We believe immigration reform will make our borders more secure and our nation more prosperous.”

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