Latino concerns about life under Trump

More Latinos have serious concerns about their place in America under Trump. 49% say situation for U.S. Hispanics has worsened over the past year; 55% worry that they or someone they know could be deported.

Two-thirds (67%) say the administration’s policies have been harmful to Hispanics – a much higher share than during the administration of either Democrat Barack Obama (15% in 2010) or Republican George W. Bush (41% in 2007).

Half of Hispanic adults (49%) are foreign born, and as a group they have stronger concern than those born in the U.S. Immigrants are more likely than U.S.-born Hispanics to say they have serious concerns about their place in U.S. society (57% vs. 42%), and they worry a lot or some about deportation (66% vs. 43%).

38% say they have experienced an adverse incident in the past year: experiencing discrimination or unfair treatment because of their Hispanic background, being criticized for speaking Spanish in public, being told to go back to their home country, or being called offensive names.

From Pew Research.

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