ICE enforcement partnerships have driven Hispanic kids from schools 

From a study just published: For more than a decade, ICE has pursued enforcement of immigration laws through structured partnerships with local law-enforcement agencies (i.e., so-called “287(g) agreements”). These ICE partnerships provide local law-enforcement agencies with the training and authority to enforce federal immigration laws under the supervision of ICE officers.

Over 80 percent of unauthorized residents originated in Mexico and other Latin American countries. Additionally, roughly half of undocumented adults lived with their own children, most of whom were themselves U.S. citizens.

We find robust evidence that partnerships between ICE and local law-enforcement agencies led to substantial reductions in Hispanic student enrollment (i.e., a 7.3 percent reduction overall but one that grew to about 10 percent within two years). These reductions in Hispanic student enrollment appear to be concentrated among the youngest students. Based on this evidence, we estimate that, during our study window, ICE partnerships displaced more than 300,000 Hispanic students (i.e., by encouraging them to leave and discouraging them to arrive).

The study is found here.

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