The New American Workforce Project

New American Workforce seeks to work with businesses to assist their eligible immigrant employees with the citizenship process so they become more valuable workers and full participants in the workplace, community, and economy.

Los Angeles, CA: nearly 1.5 million; NYC area, NY: nearly 1.5 million; San Jose area, CA: 536,000; Miami area, FL: 483,000; D.C. metro area: 286,000; Houston, TX: 262,000; San Diego, CA: 204,000; Detroit, MI: 98,000

New American Workforce facilitates citizenship assistance through a two-step process. This is offered on the worksite and often during employee breaks or before/after work hours. Information Workshops – Experienced immigration professionals provide an introduction to the citizenship process; including eligibility requirements, benefits of citizenship and group Q&A.

Application Workshops – Employees receive one-on-one assistance to further determine eligibility and complete the application. Civics Instruction – In order to pass the naturalization test, immigrants must possess a basic knowledge of U.S. history and proficiency in English. Group and one-on-one tutorials are provided as an optional follow up.

New American Workforce is funded by many generous foundations, corporations and individuals. The National Immigration Forum is the organizer and manager – acting as the go-between with local and national businesses and regional community agencies that provide citizenship facilitation. The Forum identifies regional service providers equipped to offer citizenship training and works with businesses to coordinate the training with the service providers. The Forum ensures the quality and effectiveness of training.

The National Immigration Forum is the leading non-profit organization advocating for the value of immigrants and immigration in our country.

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