Religious vs. non-religious Trump voters and immigration

Active church goers who are Trump voters are more likely to be less anti-immigrant, more tolerate of minorities than non-church going supporters. A survey shows:

Among Trump voters who never go to church, 67% want stricter immigration laws. But for those who go every week, 48% want stricter laws. Among the never-church goers, 68% oppose a pathway to citizenship for unauthorized immigrants. Among weekly church goers, 51%. 55% of never church goes

Donald Trump voters who attend church regularly are more likely than nonreligious Trump voters to have warm feelings toward racial and religious minorities, be more supportive of immigration and trade, and be more concerned about poverty.

Religious Trump voters have higher levels of social capital: They are far more likely to volunteer, to be satisfied with their family relationships and neighborhood, and to believe the world is just and that people can be trusted.

39% of Trump voters go to church at least once a month; 48% never or seldom. Church goers tend to be older, married, higher education and income, female, and more conservative.

From The Democracy Fund Voter Study Group, September 2018

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