How to de-toxify the immigration issue

U of California-Hasting law professor Joan Williams says in the WSJ (gated) there are three steps to reduce the anti-immigration fears and retentments of blue collar America:

One: The first is to recognize that the nation-state matters greatly for nonelites in developed countries. Dismissing national pride as nothing more than racism is a recipe for class conflict and more racism. Better by far to embrace national pride, balance it with concern for those outside the nation, and refuse to allow racism to pose as national pride.

Two: The second step is to highlight the ways President Trump’s immigration and trade policies are hurting red-state constituencies that voted for him. Critics can point to farmers unable to find farmworkers, small-business owners unable to find dishwashers, and construction workers hit hard by steel tariffs.

Three: The third step is to fight the scapegoating of immigrants by ensuring that hardworking Americans without college degrees can find good jobs.

One thought on “How to de-toxify the immigration issue”

  1. Fourth, stop exploiting their home countries like the imperialist nation we have been for more than a hundred years when it comes to Central America. Stop imposing neo-liberal economic policies on them that impoverish their people. And stop the flow of drugs, not at the source, but at the destination. Make marijuana legal.

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