Immigrants: no increase in crime

A February, 2018 study of crimes in Texas, where immigration status is recorded for all crimes, failed to find any association between immigration status and crimes. Illegal immigrants make up about 6.4% of the state’s population in 2015 but only accounted for by 5.4% of all homicide convictions. Legal immigrants, 10.4% of the population, committed only 1.6% of homicide convictions. Native born Americans, 83% of the population, accounted for 93% of convictions. The same relative rates appear in sexual assaults and larceny.

Illegal immigrant crime rates were higher than for native Americans in four categories that in sum accounted for 0.18% of all convictions in 2015:  gambling, kidnapping, smuggling and vagrancy.

A July, 2017 study looked at DUI, drug overdose fatalities and drug arrests 1990 – 2014.  The researchers studied several federal databases relating to drug crimes, highway safety and other sources. They found no positive correlation between the greater number of foreign born persons and these drug and alcohol incidents.

A March, 2018 study found no positive correlation between immigrant growth and violent crime between 1990 – 2014.

These studies are summarized here.



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