Project to translate immigration documents into Spanish

An American translator is making available Spanish translations of key immigration documents. Go here for the documents. (The formal submissions must be in English.)

Although hundreds of thousands of Spanish-speaking migrants, refugees, and asylum-seekers apply for residence in the United States every year, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) offers virtually none of its required paperwork in Spanish. The goal of the Free Translation of Migration Paperwork (FTrMP) Project is to provide free Spanish translations of as many of these documents as possible. All of the translations have been approved by at least two professional translators (one native English speaker and one native Spanish speaker).

Kevin Gerry Donn is a Spanish / English translator and activist based in Texas. He often collaborates with non-profit organizations, translating documents, and saw that USCIS documents (which are quite important for refugees) are not available in Spanish.

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