How the heart of Silicon Valley compares

The City of Cupertino, California, epitomizes the demographic culture of the Silicon Valley economy. Here how this 59,000 population community compares to the rest of the U.S.

Percent Asian: 64% vs. 5%

Percent foreign-born: 50% vs. 13%

Median household income (2013: $130,000 vs $53,000.

With at least a bachelors degree: 75% vs 29%

Those working in managerial or professional job: 77% vs. 36%

Median house value (2013): over $1 million vs $176,000

Speaking other than English at home: 63% vs. 44% in California and 20% in U.S.

Population 18 to 64: 59% vs 60%

Percentage who moved in one year 15% vs. 11%

Percentage moved from abroad: 3% vs. 0.8% in California and 0.6% in U.S.

Unless otherwise noted, data is from here.

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