Half of H-1B workers in five metro areas


The U.S. government approved more than 859,600 H-1B applications in fiscal 2010-2016, for an average of 122,000 a year. The H-1B visa program is the nation’s largest temporary employment visa program. About 247,900 H-1B visa approvals – 29% of the nation’s total – went to employers in the New York City metro area from fiscal 2010 to 2016. Dallas (74,000 9%), Washington (64,800 8%), Boston (38,300 5%) and San Jose (22,200 3%) were among the top metro areas by this measure. They accounted for 54% of all H-1Bs in 2010-2016.

About half (49%) of H-1B approvals in recent years have gone to foreign workers with an advanced degree (master’s, professional or doctorate) earned either in the U.S. or internationally. In some metro areas, a relatively high share of H-1B workers earned an advanced degree from a U.S. institution. In San Diego, 28% of H-1B approvals went to foreign workers with advanced degrees from a U.S. university or college

Putting these figures into context, there are about 600,000 new STEM college graduates per year in the U.S.

There are about 15 million residents between 25 and 44 years old with at least a college degree.

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