Footloose college graduates around the world

PriceWaterhouseCoopers interviewed 4,364 college graduates online. A third were PwC employees; that selection bias needs to be taken into account. All were 31 years old or younger (i.e. born 1985 or later). About 20% lived in the U.S., UK or Australia.

71% expect and want to do an overseas assignment during their career. Wanting to work (at least for a while) outside their country – for North Americans, 69%, with all other regions equal or higher.

Where they want to work most: U.S. 58%, UK 49%, Australia 39%, Canada 33%, Germany 32% and most other developed counties below 25%.

Opportunity for future growth is overwhelmingly the most important factor in job selection (65%) contrasted with salary (21%). The most important job benefit is training and development (22%).

“My personal drive can be intimidating to other generations within the workplace” – In India, 57% answered yes; in UK. 21%.

Ease with technology: 41% of those questioned said they would rather communicate electronically than face-to-face or over the telephone. 59% said that an employer’s provision of state-of-the art technology was important to them when considering a job. 78% said that access to the technology they like to use makes them more effective at work.

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