Farm Workers’ “Take our job” campaign

This July, the United Farm Workers launched a campaign on behalf of immigration reform by inviting Americans to take on a farm worker’s job for a week. My thanks to Becki Shafer for alerting me to this. The UFW wants immigration reform primarily in the AgJobs provision, a version of which was in the failed immigration reform bill of 2008.
A UFW press release says that it has negotiated the AgJOBS bill with the agricultural industry that would give undocumented farm workers presently here the right to earn legal status by continuing to work in agriculture. Senators Feinstein (D-CA) and Lugar (R-IN) are the principal co-authors in the Senate and Congressman Adam Putnam (R-FL) and Howard Berman (D-CA) in the House.
Go here to enroll in the program. That website says that “Job may include using hand tools such as knives, hoes, shovels, etc. Duties may include tilling the soil, transplanting, weeding, thinning, picking, cutting, sorting & packing of harvested produce. May set up & operate irrigation equip. Work is performed outside in all weather conditions (Summertime 90+ degree weather) & is physically demanding requiring workers to bend, stoop, lift & carry up to 50 lbs on a regular basis.”

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