A note on E-Verify

The Obama Administration has been promoting E-Verify, the now-voluntary program for employers to ascertain the legal status of employees and job applicants to work in the country. A recent news article reported that “in prepared remarks to the Senate Judiciary Committee in May, Napolitano said E-Verify’s accuracy was continually improving, and more than 122,000 employers use the system.”
“She defended the system’s accuracy by explaining its statistics this way: The most recent surveys found that 96.1 percent of cases queried through the system automatically authorized the employees for work, and 3.9 percent showed a mismatch or a tentative non-confirmation. Also, only 0.4 percent of the total number of candidates had successfully contested an adverse initial decision about their eligibility, while the other 3.5 percent remained ineligible.”
The U.S. Chamber of Commerse has sued to stop the federal government from requiring use of E-Verify by federal contractors.