Grey market employer crackdowns and illegal workers

Massachusetts, California and Connecticut to taking more pains to find employers who are not paying workers compensation and unemployment insurance – and quite often hiring illegal workers in an exploitative manner.
Massachusetts has launched a Joint Task Force on the Underground Economy and Employee Misclassification. One of the task force’s main targets are employers to don’t buy workers compensation insurance. Under Governor Duvall Patrick, the state administration is not trying to root out illegal workers, but rather to protect workers regardless of legal status. The Pew Hispanic Center estimated in 2005 that MA had about 165,000 illegal workers (see “popular posts” for illegal workers by state).
Google for the task force’s website for more information. I can’t seem to load the URL.
The California’s Workers’ Compensation Enforcement Collaborative is partly a brain child of Bill Zachry, risk manager of Safeway, the state’s largest for profit employer. Zachry is also not trying to root out illegal workers, but rather to crack down on abusive employers. To contact the collaborative, which does not have a website, contact Krystal Tena, Watsonville Law Center, Watsonville, CA 831-722-2845 The Watsonville Law Center is a rural legal aid organization with a special commitment to protect low income workers. CA was estimated in 2005 yo have 1,800,000 illegal workers.
Connecticut, in contrast, is after illegal workers. It figured out that many of them work for employer who cheat on workers compensation insurance, and the state is going after these employers with the intent on finding illegal workers. CT was estimated in 2005 to have about 50,000 illegal workers.