House of Raeford Farms: three quarters of workers are Hispanic

Earlier I posted about occupational safety horrifics at this large poultry processor in North Carolina. The Charlotte Observer ran a six part series on breakdowns in safety involving plant managers and state safety regulators.
One of the reporters, Peter St. Onge told me that most of the workers are Hispanic.
A passage from the articles:

In the early 1990s, when another company owned the Greenville plant, most
workers were African Americans. Now, most are Latino.
“We can only hire those who apply to work for us, and at the moment between
85 percent and 90 percent of our job applicants are Latino,” said Greenville
complex manager Barry Cronic in a written response.

Undoubtedly many of these workers are illegal, and their reward from the expose ironically will be their fleeing from their work or deportation.
This is the toxic cocktail of employers wanting to hire undocumented workers and then cheasting on safety and/or workers compensation rules. A guest worker program will abolish this cocktail.
Go here for the latest article which deals with reaction from Congress and concerns about the illegal status of workers.