Some provisions in Title IV, Temporary worker program

This is a partial review of the initial version of the immigration reform bill submitted in the Senate (Secure borders, Economic Opportunity and Immigration Reform Act of 2007). The program is described on pp. 143 – 187 of the text of the bill. I am excluding from the review a special provision for temporary agricultural workers.
The temporary work program does not replace existing temporary worker programs. It creates a Y visa. The visa is available for any full time work except in counties where the unemployment rate exceeds 7% (the limitation can be waived by the government).
Employers must show a valid offer for employment. They can use labor contractors, who must be registered. The visa is portable among employers.
The alien worker must pay an administrative fee of $500 plus $250 for every dependent with a maximum of $1,500.
Wages must be prevailing wages, and at least 150% of the poverty level in the area of employment.
The worker must be an employee and not an independent contractor.
The worker must have health insurance. The law does not say who will pay for the health insurance; given the probability that most Y visa workers will be low paid and have large self-pays and deductibles for insurance, this itself may kill off many employment opportunities.
The employer must provide workers compensation insurance, even for jobs which by state law are not covered by workers compensation. The law sets federal fines for the employer’s failure to pay back wages and benefits.