Time Magazine poll on views about illegal immigration

Time Magazine February 6 2006 issue’s cover story is “Inside America’s Secret Workforce.”
Here are some Time Magazine polling results:
How serious a problem is illegal immigration into the U.S.? – Extremely 30% Very 33% Somewhat 26% Not very 8%
Concerned that providing social services for illegal immigrants costs taxpayers too much – 83%
Concerned that illegal immigrants increase crime – 71%
Illegal immigrants are taking jobs that citizens don’t want – 56%
Do you pay less for some items or services because of low-wage illegal immigrant labor? Yes 17% No 71%
Had hired a contractor or company that may have used illegal immigrants – 14%
Is the government doing enough to keep illegal immigrants from entering the U.S.? — Yes 21% No 74%
All illegal immigrants should be deported – 50%, but —-
Illegal immigrants should be able to earn citizenship – 76%
Favor guest-worker registration for those already here – 73%
Favor issuing temporary work visas for seasonal work – 64%